E3 Visa Lawyer.

E3 Visa Lawyer.

What Is An E-3 Visa?

E-3 visas are a new category that were established in 2005 for Commonwealth of Australia citizens. All E-3 visa holders are free to engage in specialized employment in the United States.

E3 Visa Lawyer! Public Law 109-13, also known as “The Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005,” has the E-3 classification. It was created as an occupational specialty category for Australians.

E3 Visa Lawyer
E3 Visa Lawyer

Eligibility Criteria For E-3 Visas:

To qualify for an E-3 visa, you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Must be an Australian citizenship.
  • The position need to be a specialty employment.
  • To work in the specialty occupation, you need meet the requirements for education and experience.
  • You ought to have a job offer from an American company.

To find out if you can fulfill the US Citizenship and Immigration Services criteria for this sort of visa, you may speak with an E3 visa attorney for Australians.

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To Qualify As A Sponsor For An E-3 Visa:

Sponsors must:

  • Pay the worker at or above the going rate for the specialty job and the place of employment.
  • Pay the worker using a U.S. payroll system.
  • To demonstrate that the pay is at or above market rate, submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA) to the Department of Labor (DOL).

What Are The Benefits Of E-3 Visas?

A person with an E-3 visa may stay for two years. However, if specific conditions are met, the period may be extended. The number of extensions is unrestricted.

E-3 visa holders may bring their wives and minor children with them to the US. You must complete a Form I-129 together with other necessary paperwork, such as a Labor Condition Application and E-supplement, in order to submit an E-3 application.

Some of the benefits of an E-3 Visa are:

  • Compared to other visas, the E-3 visa application process is simpler and less onerous.
  • For E-3 Visas, there are no restrictions on employment ban visas.
  • It is simple to renew an E-3 visa.
  • There are no travel limitations for those with E-3 visas.

Only Australian citizens who satisfy specific requirements, along with their wives and children, are eligible for E-3 visas. The declared goal of E-3 visa applicants must be employment in a specialty occupation in the United States.

The spouse and children of the applicant need not be Australian citizens and may be citizens of any nation in the globe.

E3 Visa Lawyer
E3 Visa Lawyer

Do You Need An E-3 Visa Lawyer To Get A Visa?

Applying for an E-visa may be a very complicated and challenging procedure. For these reasons, it is advantageous to have legal counsel on your side when you file for an E-3 visa.

You can start the application procedure with assistance from an immigration attorney, who may even complete an I-129 on your behalf. For your application to be complete, you need give them all the required documentation and documents. You may get a free examination by contacting an E3 Visa Attorney right now.

E-3 Visa Applications, Renewals, And Support:

We understand the anxiety and confusion that often accompany international relocation since we are also expats. Our knowledgeable E-3 visa attorneys work hard to deliver a thorough service that eliminates all tension, anxiety, and difficulty from the E-3 visa application procedure and helps you transfer to the United States as easily as possible.

Our experienced team of U.S. immigration lawyers will:

  • Assist you in gathering the appropriate paperwork.
  • Classify the application properly, and make sure the conditions are satisfied.
  • Describe your alternatives and any likely outcomes for your situation.
  • Follow the E-3visa application procedure from beginning to end.
  • Prepare the necessary paperwork and submit it.
  • Talk to the DOL, USCIS, and the American consulate.

Every step of the journey, our helpful staff will be there to answer any concerns you may have regarding time, taxes, healthcare, and education in the United States. To ensure that your pet can travel with you on this trip, we can also offer advice on pet carriers.

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